Sprinklers / Fine ball / Fine Smoke Mask / Hose Box RRL / Short Branch Pipe with Nozzle / Fireman Axe / Hydrant Valve / Hose Reel Drum / Fire Bucket, Beater


EASY TO USE: this pack of 1 ball of fire extinguishing ball is the fact that it can self activate in the presence of fire, when no one is present. if positioned in the appropriate high risk area where most fires are likely to start, it will self activate within 3 to 5 seconds upon reaching the appropriate temperature and extinguish the fire.

NO NEED FOR SPECIAL MAINTENANCE: for period of 5 years without maintenance required always on guard for you with its unique capability to emit loud noise of 101 decibel as a fire alarm upon activation its lightweight and portable unit weight is only 1.5 kg all people can freely use composed of environmental harmless dry powder.

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: people no longer need to be close to the fire scene, the environment completely harmless, and completely harmless to the human body. comes with a wall mounting bracket, and even it can operate manually also when a fire erupts.

COVERAGE: It cover s 360-degree angle, area of about 70 to 80 sq ft.It can extinguish three classes of fire, Solid, Liquid and Electrical classes of Fire. It weighs 1.5 kilograms with packaging. The diameter of ball is 144 mm, and it makes easy to carry and use, its 100 percent eco-friendly, 100 percent bio-degradable. it has no wiring and no ducting, it has long shelf life of 5 years, even kids can operate this ball

APPLY OCCASION: Suitable for use in car, private home kitchen, factory, warehouse, electrical cabinets commercial purposes.