Services Offered

Wellfire Protection offers the following services to its Customers and to any company or person interested in protecting himself from fire hazard.
The services provided are as listed below :

Turnkey Projects
Design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of :

a). Automatic / Manual Fire Alarm system.
b). Automatic / Manual Fire Extinguishing Systems using CO2 / FM200 gas.
c). Fire Trace Detection & Extinguishing System.
d). Hydrant System / Automatic Sprinkler System.
e). Central Monitoring Fire & Security Alarm System including PA and talkback system.

Fire detection and alarm systems are designed to provide warning of the outbreak of fire and allow appropriate fire fighting action to be taken before the situation gets out of control. The fire alarm system can either be operated automatically or manually. Manual systems are operated through the use of pull handles, which may be installed behind a sheet of protective glass to prevent tampering. Most manual systems can also be activated manually via a switch or button on the panel. Automatic systems use technology to sense fire danger. They will often features heat, smoke, or fire detectors placed on ceilings or walls. Our services includes-

1. Conventional fire alarm system: This is the most commonly used and simplest fire detection and alarm system and provides a common alarm for one     complete zone.
2. Addressable fire alarm system: Addressable Systems consist of detectors which have a specific address assigned to them and in the event of fire the fire     alarm panel is able to locate and notify the location of the fire by reading the address of the detector which has detected the fire.

Fire Hydrant system is designed to fight fire of huge proportions, in all classes of risks. It is designed to be in operation even if a part of the affected structure collapses. It consists of yard hydrant piping systems, internal hydrant piping, hose reel drums, hose cabinets, internal and external hydrant valves and set of pump( main fire pump and jockey pump, if required diesel engine). Fire Sprinkler system designed to protect the office, malls, homes and more from fires. Water spray systems are similar to automatic sprinkler system except all nozzles are open and will discharge together when control valve opens

We design Public Address (PA) Systems which are made in accordance with safety standards defined. Our Microprocessor based communication systems or conventional public address system includes
• Loudspeakers
• Amplifiers
• Microphones
• Panels and Telephones
• Integration with EPBAX & fire alarm systems.

Maintenance Contracts
a). Automatic / Manual Fire detection & Alarm system.
b). Automatic / Manual Fire Extinguishing System. Any Model
c). Hydrant System.
d). Automatic Sprinkler System.

We undertake maintenance of all type of fire protection systems i.e. Fire Hydrants, Fire pump house, Fire Extinguishers and Fire Alarm and Detection Systems. We also conduct training program for Basic Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting, Evacuation Mock Drill, Hydrant Operation & Rescue Techniques, Fire Safety for Electrical Fires etc.. Maintenance results in smooth & error free functionality of the systems, compliance with local fire wing and extended life of the firefighting equipment.

a). Recommending Type and Capacity of Hand Held Fire Extinguishers.
b). Supply and Installation of ISI marked Fire Extinguishers.
c). Pressure Testing, Servicing, Refilling and Reconditioning.
d) Design/Supply/installation of Proper signages

We supply, install and refill all categories of fire extinguishers, ABC Type Fire Extinguishers, WCO2 Type Fire Extinguisher, M/F Type Fire Extinguisher, DCP Type Fire Extinguisher, CO2 Type Fire Extinguisher etc. Standard safety signs of EXIT, FIRE EXTINGUISHER, FIRE EXIT, DANGER, NO SMOKING etc. are always available according to the specification mentioned by the client ( design, colour etc.). Signages offered by us are of high quality and are durable.


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